What We Do

Help protect your car and yourself with our darkest legal window tint.
We only use a high grade metalised film that comes with a life time guarantee.
Our films blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays, this provides a cooler driving experience and ensures harmful glare is removed.

We also offer a wide range of decorative, frosted films. These films also offer great privacy in your office or bathroom.

Safety security films are also available for your home and car.
They provide extra strength to glass for protection against theft or vandals.
The film also bonds shattered glass together preventing injury.

Peter can also window tint Buses, Trucks, tractors and backhoes.

Install our electronic rust component to extend the life of your vehicle against rust.
The unit sends a continuous stream of silent electronic pulses through out the body of the car which inhabit the electro-chemical rust process .
This unit protects the car from the roof all the way down unlike the chemical spray treatment that don’t. It has no toxic chemicals and is environmentaly friendly.

It also comes with a life time warranty (conditions apply).

We offer competitive pricing and excellent service.

We are happy to provide a free measure and quote with no obligation.

Utes $185
Sedans $250-$280
Long wheel base van $380